Documenting Portfolio Work: Posters

The poster is one of the most immediate, accessible and abundant forms of print design and most all designers have an opportunity to produce work in this form as students and professionals. Displaying poster work in a print or digital portfolio is not always a simple as placing a drop shadow behind the file and mounting it to a board or posting on your portfolio site. It's certainly a good start, but can limit the appreciation for the piece, especially when a poster is, by nature, meant to be viewed in an environment. When planning to document a poster design, scale, materials and the original environment is was posted in should all help to communicate and support the designer's original concept. If detail is required to show the intricacies of type and image, these can always be photographed with a macro lens (or using your camera's macro setting). This way special processes and materials are not lost, as is the case when reverting to a digital file. The examples below nicely showcase design, printing method, concept, scale, detail, and even use environment and mood to strengthen concept.

Herrmann Poster Jean Pierre Jeunet Film Festival Poster, Kristen Herrmann

Silk Scream 5 Silk Scream Silk Scream Film Festival, Wall-to-Wall Studios

Student Art Exhibition Student Art Exhibition, Emir Bukva

The Letters Poster The Letters Poster Detail The Letters Poster, Richard Perez and Ross Moody