Conceptual Student Self Promotions

A beautiful self promotion will grab the attention of perspective employers, but a promotion that also has a strong CONCEPT will keep them interested! The concept must be decided on first! It’s the idea behind the design and the underlying logic and reasoning that guides you in making all of the aesthetic choices: color, typography, visuals, format, etc. Every decision you make should support and fall back on your concept. A strong concept usually begins as a verbal, abstract idea – this allows for focus on the message you wish to communicate without being bound to a visual direction.  The self promotions below all have both conceptual and aesthetic beauty. They not only communicate the designers’ talents, they stand out from the crowd by showing passion and personality. cherban_selfpromo

Mackenzie Cherban designed this set of laser engraved blocks to communicate her playful nature and love for tactile experiences. Each time you turn the blocks, a new message is revealed.

kroll_promo copy

Danielle Kroll‘s self promo showcases her various pattern designs alongside examples of her work. The materials, format, typography and layout pay homage to vintage textile swatch books.

addison_promoMark Addiison chose to connect with his audience through humor. This playful set of cards showcases his illustration by way of well known circus acts using traditional design tools as their props.

gratter_promoCorinne Gratter focused on her name (which people had been mispronouncing her entire life). She designed a set of letterpress greeting cards and sent them to potential employers along with a booklet of her work.

cherashore_promoLaine Cherashore created a promotion to announce her birth as a professional designer. Each card contained images of her work. There's even a sonogram included with a baby holding a portfolio!

selfpromoHannah Browne created the poster above as a map of her life thus far, and included future projections to communicate her goals after graduation.


Lastly, I've included a self promotion created by Jessica Hische (who was just named one of the most influential designers working today by GD Magazine). She combined a playful and unique illustration style with fantastic copywriting to showcase work from her student portfolio: