Movie Title Sequences

Click on the link below to see today's bit of fun submitted by student Sammie Kern: If Movies Had Crappy Fonts

She shared the above video in class and we all had a good laugh, but it also helped us to appreciate well crafted typography and the relationship between font style and film concept. I had to add some examples we could admire, to wash away the lingering visuals of all the bad fonts we were exposed to. The opening title sequence to Catch Me If You Can (2002) was created by Kuntzel + Deygas.


The above is a wonderful homage to a handmade cut-paper style made famous by designer Saul Bass. His experimentations with kinetic typography were some of the first in the industry. Here's an example of his opening title for Alfred Hitchcock's The Man With the Golden Arm (1955).


Check out The Art of the Title to view other examples of creative title sequences.