Made in CHINA!?!

It's no secret that printing overseas can drastically reduce production costs, but there are number of factors professionals have to weigh when making the decision (final product quality, business relationships, and the ability to oversee the process are just a few). Last night a former student shared his business card and told me it had been printed in China. I was impressed with the quality and the included varnished logo, which he said cost $30."$30 for the varnish?" I replied. "Not bad." "Noooo." He added. "$30 for 300 business cards WITH a varnish!" My jaw hit the floor, and I couldn't wait to share this with students. The company is Print100 and they offer multiple special processes, full/spot colors, a variety of stocks, and free shipping. Go forth and promote yourself now!

By the way: my former student who shared this with me, JP Spanbauer, is a very talented young designer quickly developing a Canadian accent. You can learn more about him and see his work here.