So what IS graphic design anyway?

At the start of a new term I like to ask students what graphic design means to them. This year I'm teaching all introductory courses, so I've decided to help them out a little bit. There is an endless stream of resources out there in the form of videos, presentations, essays, etc. I think the two pieces I've posted here (although not the newest, hottest, topics) provide very different definitions of what design is. The beautiful thing about our field is that they are both correct. The first video, produced by the Australian studio Pip & Co., asks the general public to explain what we do. The answers all over the place and the humor and honesty keeps this 10 year old gem on my radar. It's a simple explanation of design in the commercial sense. [youtube=]

On the other hand, learning about the connection one can have when experiencing design gives us an opportunity to look at the field from an emotional perspective. In the second video Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister shares with us some experiences in his life when design has made him happy. The examples range from product design to exhibitions to guerilla advertising and tell a story that inspires me to be a designer for reasons other than a paycheck.